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Coronavirus Teddy Bear Hunt

Throughout this Covid-19 period of lockdown, self-isolation and quarantine, there has been pressure on all of us to think of ways to keep our minds focused and our imagination healthy. Those with children will particularly understand the difficulties that can be caused by the lack of excitement and variety in the weekly routine in lockdown and semi-lockdown conditions.

However, it is precisely this pressure on us all which has meant that many people have had some wonderful sparks of creativity. Indeed one of these sparks of creativity will be great news for children - and for those who, like us, are fans of teddy bears! Yes, that's right: it is a mass teddy bear hunt!

Global teddy bear creativity

All across the world, people have taken to placing teddy bears on their windowsills, and in some cases even (weather permitting) outside in their gardens, so that children who are on their walks with their families can spot them as they go. The hunt takes its inspiration from the children’s book called We’re Going on a Bear Hunt which is written by the well known UK children's fiction author Michael Rosen.

Since the craze kicked off, teddy bears can be seen through windows throughout the world, including in the US and the UK. In New Zealand, even the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined in, as two teddy bears could be spotted taking pride of place in the window of her family's home in Wellington.

Display your teddy bears each day

Some people who have large collections of teddy bears to work with have taken to swapping in new ones each day, so that kids walking with their families can keep track of which new characters pop up through the week. It is all part of a lovely sense of community spirit, with others even adding little uplifting or humorous notes alongside their teddy bears to keep everyone's spirits high when they pass by.

It is not just for children's enjoyment, but it is a great way to keep yourself and others in your street entertained. If it isn't already happening in your area, then why not get the ball rolling yourself? You might soon find that you have a fun and creative thing going in your local area, whereby community spirit is high and people all along the street are creating bonds in this difficult time.

Fun for families and communities

These sorts of joyful customs that have emerged in the coronavirus period need not stop when the regulations have been lifted. They might in fact help people continue to connect with the area in which they live. And, hey, if these new customs involve giving teddy bears some time to shine, then we are all for them!

Here at Cedars we have a vast range of teddy bears, and so this could be the perfect time for you to purchase a few new and adorable additions. With lots of different animals, sizes, colours and cartoon characters to choose from, you will be able to keep things fresh throughout the week! Place them up in your windows each morning and you might just be brightening someone else's day, especially for those families who are out on their walks.


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