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Everything you need to know about Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears really are bears with personalities. If you are into collectible bears, then you will love what Charlie Bears have to offer. It is not only in their level of unique, handcrafted detail, but also in their highly affordable nature, that these luxury bears are among some of the most appealing on the market!

What are Charlie Bears?

A good question, and one which might start you on a rich and rewarding journey! Charlie Bears are highly detailed and highly adorable collectible bears, with their range including lots of unique and captivating animal characters. Indeed, 'character' is the operative word, as Charlie Bears are known for creating bears which each represent a distinct personality - they are crafted with individuality, rather than generically mass produced.

Where are Charlie Bears made?

Charlie Bears are designed by Charlie at the 'The Bearhouse' in Cornwall. This began as simply just a design room; now it is not only where the initial ideas are created, but also where you can go to look at all the results of these wonderful creations. They call it the The Bearhouse Gallery and it opened in 2016. Make sure to visit if you would like to explore the wonderful and imaginative world of Charlie Bears in person. In terms of the production itself, Charlie now works personally with many world class artisans in Thailand and in Sri Lanka, where all the work is carried out carefully by hand.

What are Charlie Bears made of?

One of the things which sets Charlie Bears apart from others in their price range is that they are made using only the very highest quality fabrics such as European plush and Schulte mohair. Some of the bears have what is called a 'Random Plus' design, and this gives the effect of multi-coloured, multi-tonal fur. They also have created an extremely effective plush and mohair combination which they call PLUMO. This is where part of the bear, such as details in the facial area, will be made from mohair, whilst the rest of the bear will be made using plush.

How are Charlie Bears made?

No matter how successful Charlie Bears have become, the operation has very much kept its focus on quality over quantity. This means that all the bears are still lovingly crafted by hand, no matter how many people across the world are desperate for more to be made. Charlie Bears began back in 2005, when Charlotte (Charlie) and William Morris got to work on creating their first range of 12 bears - today they have created over 2500 different designs. And yet they still do things in a way which means that high level hand-craft is still driving the whole operation.

This indeed is what gives their look a distinct personality; with the faces of each bear being designed by hand, no two bears from the same range will be exactly the same. All the designs start with the work of Charlie herself; over the years she has then brought talent on board from world class bear artists such as Isabelle Lee, Heather Lyell and Alison Mills. You can see for yourselves how beautiful the results are!

How much are Charlie Bears?

One of the goals when Charlie Bears began was to create collectible bears which had a unique character, where every different bear seemed to be able to present a personality of its own. Another one of the goals was that all this could be offered at affordable prices. This means that, from as little as £25, you will be able to purchase a beautifully crafted collectible. Quality of this kind within this price bracket at one point in time simply was unheard of. If, on the other hand, you are in the market for some of the super limited edition products, you will see that there are also some superb high end options which will be sure to be of interest.

Charlie Bears Collection at Cedars Bourton

We have a fantastically vast collection of Charlie Bears here at Cedars Bourton, with almost 200 different designs for you to choose from. There are individual bears, miniature designs, limited edition characters, and even group sets all available right here with one click of a mouse! Or, if you do want to have a look at some of these collectible goodies in person before you by, you should come on over and visit our store in the picturesque village of Bourton on the Water in the beautiful Cotswolds.


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