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Steiff Disney

We are super thrilled to be able to present this Steiff Disney collection. Disney have been at the heart of cartoon animal films and television since the very beginning. Steiff similarly are very well respected in the world of collectible teddies. So it really is a match made in heaven! The results are predictably gorgeous, with this range being full of all sorts of characterful and cute figures from all those Disney films past and present. The quality of these toys really does bring to life those most loved characters. Pick out one to add to your collection or as a lovely present for someone special!

High quality collectibles

There should be no surprise about the high level of quality of these fantastic Steiff toys. This is a brand who have been going for over 135 years and, over this time, they have built up a reputation as being among the very best creators of collectible toy animals. This range is yet another example of why they have earned this reputation. The level of detail in each one of the products in this Disney range speaks to the amount of care and attention which goes into their crafting process.

Disney characters

This collection features many different figures that you will be sure to recognize from the world of Disney. With Minnie Mouse, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Simba, and many more to choose from, this truly is a heartwarming and joyful collection. If you already have a cartoon or animal based collection, there will certainly be some great additions in this range.

Limited edition collectibles

It is the amount of emotion and character which each one of these creations exhibits which is so astounding. This comes from the quality of the craft and the focus on all those little aspects of each figure which define them - this takes these Disney figures on to the next level. Not only are these figures beautifully crafted, but they are also limited edition, with Steiff only having produced a very small amount of each one of these designs. They would therefore surely have pride of place within anyone's collection!

Steiff Disney Frozen 'Olaf' Snowman Ornament Limited Edition Steiff Disney Frozen 'Olaf' Snowman Ornament Limited Edition
1 in stock
In the Disney animated film “Frozen” from 2013, Olaf – a friendly snowman brought to life by Elsa’s magic powers – helps Anna and her friends Kristoff and Sven to save her kingdom from the eternal winter. With the Steiff Disney Frozen Olaf ornament, made of finest mohair with embroidered details and felt elements, is sure to immerse fans in the story once again. Size: 16cm Colour: White Material:…
Steiff Disney Lion King 'Pumbaa' Limited Edition Steiff Disney Lion King 'Pumbaa' Limited Edition
2 in stock
Steiff Disney Lion King 'Pumbaa' Limited Edition The reddish-brown warthog may look nothing like his friend Timon, but they complement each other perfectly in their everyday antics. Although rather portly, Pumbaa moves deftly on slender legs that are supported with limb wire. It soon becomes apparent that he is well able to look after himself and his friends – even when confronted with hungry hyen…
Steiff Disney 'Piglet' with Squeaker Steiff Disney 'Piglet' with Squeaker
1 in stock
Disney Piglet comes to you squealing with joy. He is 20 cm in sizes and radiates pure happiness. His look brings a smile to the face of anyone who lays eyes on him. This is exactly what makes him the perfect playmate. The charming little Disney pig is made of extremely soft pink plush fabric for your baby's soft skin. He features elaborate pink embroidery on his body. His eyes, eyebrows and mouth…
Steiff Disney 'Winnie The Pooh' with Squeaker Steiff Disney 'Winnie The Pooh' with Squeaker
1 in stock
Disney Winnie the Pooh is cosiness in bear form. This cute playmate is well-known as a lovable companion. He's a slow-paced and jovial fellow who spends his time pursuing a single passion—eating honey. This cream-coloured bear has lovingly embroidered eyes, eyebrows and mouth in a brown tone. His stubby nose is also brown. Winnie the Pooh's pink shirt can be taken on and off. He helps children dev…
Steiff Disney 'Dumbo' Limited Edition Steiff Disney 'Dumbo' Limited Edition
1 in stock
Steiff Disney Dumbo is so famous and loved by Disney followers around the world. Put him somewhere special in your home - to look at forever and remember his film and story! Dumbo is made from light grey mohair with HUGE ears which he uses as wings and has magical blue and black embroidered eyes and long nose. His head is moveable so you can let him look at you around the room. Limited edition of…
Steiff Disney 'Timon' Lion King Limited Edition Steiff Disney 'Timon' Lion King Limited Edition
2 in stock
Steiff Disney 'Timon' Lion King Limited Edition Steiff have worked with Disney to produced 'The Upbeat TIMON' meerkat. He is from Disney Lion King - the very special film and show on the stage. He is made from the finest light brown mohair, with a broad grin and airbrushed details. His eyes are hand embroidered and his face is just full of joy. TIMON is friends with Pumba and shows Simba the joys…
Steiff Disney 'Minnie Mouse' with Squeaker Steiff Disney 'Minnie Mouse' with Squeaker
1 in stock
Minnie Mouse with squeaker and rustling foil is only available in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, Austria and Switzerland. A world-wide star. One of the true greats to this day: Minnie Mouse. Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. She’s so cute and lovable. Steiff’s fashion conscious Minnie Mouse measures 23 cm and is made of extra soft plush for soft baby skin. The embroidered eyes sparkle in the beaut…
Steiff Disney 'Simba' Lion King Limited Edition Steiff Disney 'Simba' Lion King Limited Edition
2 in stock
Steiff Disney 'Simba' Lion King Limited Edition Disney made the first Lion King film in 1994. Recently they made a new Lion King film and Steiff have made this amazing limited edition collectors piece. Here we have Steiff Simba cub, son of Mufasa, who ruled the Pride Lands as King. When Simba became King he balanced the 'Circle of Life'. The Lion King story is amazing and Simba finally lives happi…


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