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Steiff Collection

The Steiff story started from a elephant shaped pin cushion created by Margarete Steiff over 100 years ago and is now a world renowed teddy bear company. True to their motto “for children, only the best is good enough!“ Steiff only provide the best teddy bears and this can be seen through their work. Browse through our magical collection of Steiff teddy bears where you will find a range of cute and cuddly Beatrix Potter, Disney and many more adorable bears.

Steiff Beatrix Potter

The magical creatures introduced by Beatrix Potter have been brought to life by Steiff and at Cedars you will find Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and many more of Peter Rabbit's friends and relatives in our Steiff Peter Rabbit collection. Each one of these characters have been made using the only the best quality material and the attention to detail that has gone into creating them is second to none.

Steiff Disney

Young or old, everyone has at least one favourite Disney character they adore or more perhaps! At Cedars we have a cute and adorable collection of Steiff Disney bears including Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and Simba to name a few. Browse through the full range to find your favourite Disney character you can take home to treasure forever.

Teddy bears and more

You will also find that we have a vast range of classic, rare and limited edition teddy bears, Steiff keyrings, soft and cuddly Steiff animals from Whiskers the cat to Tuggy the tortoise, Steiff musical teddy bears and many more. With so many choices we are sure that you will find the right bear to add to or start your collection. They would also be the ideal gift for anyone that is a collector of rare teddy bears.

Steiff 'Amadeus' Bear Steiff 'Amadeus' Bear
1 in stock
Amadeus Teddy bear embodies elegance with a capital 'E', as he is made from the finest blond mohair. This means he can add his own classy flair to any collection or even work as a stand-alone eye-catcher. He has five joints, allowing him to be placed in various positions. Amadeus has black trim around his claws. His nose and mouth are also embroidered in black. His soles and paws have been made ou…
Steiff 'Bingo' Monkey Keyring/Bag Charm Steiff 'Bingo' Monkey Keyring/Bag Charm
4 in stock
Steiff 'Bingo' Monkey Keyring/Bag Charm Item number: 112546 The 7cm long Soft Cuddly Friends pendant Bingo monkey makes an ideal pendant for all kinds of bags. This happy little guy is made of cuddly soft beige coloured plush material. His cute face is cream coloured with a stitched beige nose. The rear of his head and his inner ears are highlighted in fashionable cream and brown stripes. With a b…
Steiff 'Burri' Marmot Steiff 'Burri' Marmot
2 in stock
Steiff 'Burri' Marmot Burri is 26cm tall and is an impressive specimen of his species. His cuddly soft plush fabric is speckled brown. His head and face are coloured brown using elaborate airbrush applications. This also goes for his little paws. Burri marmot really knows how to cuddle and snuggle until baby falls asleep. And his soft cuddly fur is perfect for this. Number 084133 Size 26 cm Materi…
Steiff 'Captain Keith' with Growler Limited Edition Steiff 'Captain Keith' with Growler Limited Edition
1 in stock
At five in the morning, the sailors are awakened by a shrill whistle: Captain Keith Teddy bear is already on the bridge of the ship. Wearing a captain’s hat with a maritime metal button and holding a real sailor's pipe of copper and brass in his paw, he wakes his crew for another busy day. The sailors adore their weathered furry captain – with his eagle eyes and calm hand on the tiller as they sai…
Steiff 'Charly' Love You To The Moon & Back with Hoody Steiff 'Charly' Love You To The Moon & Back with Hoody
1 in stock
Charly is 23 cm tall and made from incredibly soft plush fabric. His beige coat is curly and his black nose accentuates his jolly look. The soles of his feet are caramel-coloured. Sitting is no problem for this cute little guy thanks to the bean bags sewn into his bottom. The pullover can be removed. The front of the pullover says "I love you to the moon and back." The text is surrounded by a whit…
Steiff 'Chubble' Teddy Bear Steiff 'Chubble' Teddy Bear
3 in stock
Chubble has been sewn from a dense plush, with a contrasting shorter pile being used for his paws and adorable face. A sweet, hand stitched toffee nose and mouth, just add to the prettiness, whilst dainty shading to his eyes adds more glorious appeal. He has the famous Steiff - Button in ear - with a yellow label and is machine washable at 30 degrees. 25cm 36 months - 18 years Please note that the…
Steiff 'Croupier' Teddy Bear Limited Edition Steiff 'Croupier' Teddy Bear Limited Edition
1 in stock
When Croupier Teddy bear sets the ball rolling, nerves at the roulette table are stretched to breaking point. He, however, remains the soul of composure: a pro., incorruptible and experienced. Croupier Teddy bear, who is 35 cm tall and adorned with a gold-plated "Button in Ear", is 5-way jointed. In his hands, he holds unique roulette chips with an imprinted Steiff button. His black fabric waistco…
Steiff 'Dalle' Guinea Pig with Squeaker Steiff 'Dalle' Guinea Pig with Squeaker
1 in stock
Plump and comfy: That's Dalle guinea pig. He is 22 cm in size and features cuddly plush fabric, making him a great friend for holding and cuddling. The pretty colouring makes Dalle a lifelike playmate. His adorable little peach-coloured feet stick out from under his body. His face has been shaded with an elaborate airbrush technique. If you press his belly, he makes a silly squeaking noise. A wond…
Steiff 'Einstein' Teddy Bear Steiff 'Einstein' Teddy Bear
1 in stock
Steiff 'Einstein' Teddy Bear Presenting the genius among the teddy bears. Einstein, the famous physicist, is honoured with this teddy bear, right on time for his 140th birthday. He’s made of cuddly soft plush fabric in a warm beige colour. His striking beard and mop of hair are kept in white. He is 28 cm tall and wears a removable brown waistcoat with a knitted look. The sole of his left paw is se…
Steiff 'Elani' Baby Orang-utan Steiff 'Elani' Baby Orang-utan
1 in stock
The baby of Alena orang-utan is 28 cm tall and made of soft and cuddly plush fabric. She has long hair on her upper arms and on the back of her head. Her face and the area around her eyes feature a soft cream colour. The hands and feet provide dark brown accents, while the nose and inner ears lend a light brown contrast. A bean bag sewn into her rear ensures that she can sit up straight. She featu…
Steiff 'Fanny' Pony Steiff 'Fanny' Pony
1 in stock
Steiff Fanny Pony is made of cuddly soft plush brown plush, standing position with fluffy mane and tail. Machine washable at 30° C 30cm, item no. 070655 with CE mark
Steiff 'Fritzi' Goose Steiff 'Fritzi' Goose
1 in stock
Steiff 'Fritzi' Goose As soft as a handful of feathers – that’s Fritzi goose. His white plush fabric is so soft and cuddly and it feels so great when he snuggles up close. The beautifully shaped wings are also velvety soft. His long neck is bendable thanks to the coiled rods sewn into it. His orange coloured beak is highlighted with brown airbrush applications and his nostrils are stitched. Orange…
Steiff 'Fritzy' Fox Steiff 'Fritzy' Fox
2 in stock
Steiff 'Fritzy' Fox Fritzy fox is 30cm tall and is made of cuddly soft rust-red plush fabric. Under his brown nose, Fritzy smiles with a stitched black mouth. The pointed ears with the hairs inside are filled with cream coloured fluffy plush. The long rust-red brush ends with a cream coloured fluffy tip. Small bean bags are sewn into its paws and bottom to make it easier to grasp, feel and touch.…
Steiff 'Fuxy' Baby Fox Steiff 'Fuxy' Baby Fox
2 in stock
Steiff Fuxy Baby Fox is made from brown and cream cuddly soft woven fur - and just great to play with. He has shiny black eyes and alert ears. Machine washable at 30°, and is suitable for all ages. Yellow label with famous Steiff button in the ear. 18cm Please note that the photographs are of just one of our bears. Please message if you'd like to see the full selection to choose from. Please visit…
Steiff 'Fynn' Teddy Bear Steiff 'Fynn' Teddy Bear
1 in stock
Fynn Teddy bear is the type of bear you might find in any child's room. His fluffy, curly coat of cuddly soft plush is just great for snuggling and cuddling. His face, soles and paws stand out for their light grey accents. Around his nose, he has a nose bridge and mouth stitched carefully in black yarn. This lovingly handled Teddy bear is 40 cm tall. Bean bags in his tail allow him to sit properly…
Steiff 'Gustav' Designer's Choice Limited Edition Steiff 'Gustav' Designer's Choice Limited Edition
1 in stock
Steiff Designer's Choice Gustav Klimt Teddy Bear is made from the inspiration of Klimt's - Tree of Life. This Steiff teddy is a credit to Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau movement - Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt, completed his Tree of Life in 1909. This Designer Bear is made from the finest dupion silk in a golden colour and embellished with elaborate ornaments inspired by the motif on Gustav Klim…
Steiff 'Hansel' Teddy Bear Limited Edition Steiff 'Hansel' Teddy Bear Limited Edition
1 in stock
Steiff 'Hansel' Teddy Bear Limited Edition Item number: 006968 With a tousled coat of finest hemp plush, soles and paws of pineapple plant and fibre residue, boot-button eyes of bio-compound material and a body full to the brim of love and wood shavings, Steiff’s adorable Hansel Teddy bear is close to nature in every sense. Made of uncoated brass, his pendant will develop an elegant patina over ti…
Steiff 'Jemima Puddleduck' Peter Rabbit Collection Steiff 'Jemima Puddleduck' Peter Rabbit Collection
2 in stock
The beloved classic character Peter Rabbit was brought to life in an all-new live-action/CG motion picture based on the series of books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. The mischievous Peter Rabbit and his family take over the farm, throwing an endless party of fruits, vegetables, and bad behavior, but when a younger, spryer and more fastidious McGregor arrives to claim his inheritance,…
Steiff 'Joggi' Baby Hedgehog Steiff 'Joggi' Baby Hedgehog
5 in stock
Kids need not worry about Joggi's spines. Little Joggi hedgehog is very friendly and cuddly. His coat is made of soft woven fur and his paws of high quality felt. Also notice the lavish airbrush details in Joggi's fluffy fur and face. The hedgehog practically measures 10 cm, which means he's small enough to put in a school satchel or play school bag. If Joggi does hide away under the earth, he can…
Steiff 'Joggi' Hedgehog Steiff 'Joggi' Hedgehog
1 in stock
Cuddly soft Joggi hedgehog measures 16 cm and is a friend for life. Both young and old will love little Joggi. His practical size means that Joggi can be taken anywhere. In a school satchel or a sports bag - there's always room for the little hedgehog! Joggi is made of cuddly soft woven fur and is machine washable at 30°C. He is stuffed with bean bags to increase your child's playing and tactile e…
Steiff 'Kango' Kangaroo with Baby Joey Steiff 'Kango' Kangaroo with Baby Joey
1 in stock
Steiff Kango Kangaroo with Baby is made of soft woven fur in a beige tipped colour. She has large pert ears and a long tail with a baby 'joey' kangaroo in her pouch. We know she belongs in Australia -but you can enjoy her anywhere and make her your friend! Machine washable at 30°, and is suitable for all ages. Yellow label with famous Steiff button in the ear in both mother and baby. 40cm
Steiff 'Lita' Llama Steiff 'Lita' Llama
1 in stock
The high mountain region of the Andes sends warm regards to your home, along with Lita llama, the playmate for your child! Lita llama is 24 cm tall and has a cream-coloured coat made of soft and cuddly plush material – just as soft and thick as it is in her natural environment. Lita also has wire in her legs that can be bent to get her to jump and run - literally - or to lie down and await the ret…
Steiff 'Little Happy Teddy Bear' 1926 Replica Limited Edition Steiff 'Little Happy Teddy Bear' 1926 Replica Limited Edition
2 in stock
1926 Replica Little Happy Teddy Bear by Steiff. This hand made piece, in brown tipped mohair, wears the white ear tag, together with the famous patinated steel underscored Button in Ear. Limited edition of only 926 pieces worldwide. Fully jointed Glass eyes Wood shavings With squeaker Size 25cm. Comes boxed, together with a numbered certificate of authenticity Season launch: 2017 This product is n…
Steiff 'Lotte' in Pink Suitcase Steiff 'Lotte' in Pink Suitcase
3 in stock
White Lotte is just right for children who love cuddling. The cute Teddy bear lady measures 28 cm and has a brass plated "Button in Ear". Lotte also makes a great gift. She is made of cuddly soft plush and comes with her own suitcase. The suitcase has room for many different secrets and toys. Lotte is machine washable at 30°C. The suitcase is not washable. Lotte is stuffed with bean bags so the cu…


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